Busy Days!

Hi, this is Arthur.  Wow, nursing is really hard work.  I’ve got all the right instincts, but I get tired quickly.  I think I’ll be nursing like a champ soon, though. Sometimes I sort of forget what I’m supposed to do or have used up too much of my energy trying to keep myself warm or remembering to breathe. Mommy says it will get easier as I grow bigger.

Mommy and Arthur

What do you know about it, Arthur?  Hi, this is Roland.  Arthur thinks he knows everything because he is five minutes older.  I haven’t quite got the nursing thing under control yet either, but Mommy is so patient with me.   Today I nursed way more and way longer than Arthur, so ha!

We moved up to the next level of NICU Wednesday evening after only 24 hours in the high-level NICU.  We still get monitored really closely in here, but we get to wear some clothes sometimes.  We were both doing really well with keeping ourselves pretty warm, with help from the neat heater above our bassinets.

Dude, I am totally way more handsome than my brother. For real. I'm not even kidding. --Arthur Shut up dummy-head! We're identical. That might be me in the picture! How do you know? --Roland

Things have been a little bit harder for the past day or so. I (Arthur) have been having to use the heater more and Roland had to move into an isolette. It helps keep him warmer but it looks really funny when Mommy or Daddy has to reach through the little holes just to change his diaper and stuff! The doctor says it’s harder for Roland because he’s littler.

We’re both also suntanning under something called bilirubin lights because we have jaundice. They told us that pretty much every preemie has it, so it’s no big deal. It just means we don’t get to wear cool clothes as much and when we’re suntanning we wear shades over our eyes.

Look how cozy my isolette is! And they let me wear clothes for a little while. Cool, eh? --Roland

Since it takes a while for Mommy’s milk to really get going, and since we don’t have enough muscles in our face to nurse a whole lot, the nice people at the hospital are giving us milk that other mommies have donated for babies like us. We’re really happy about that! We practice nursing with mommy but get our food from little tubes that go through our noses to give us a little milk in our stomachs.  It’s not as much fun as nursing with Mommy, but it’s a lot easier while we are still so small.

Daddy and Arthur

Daddy went to work yesterday, but we know he misses us.  He came to see us and hold us as soon as he could.  Mommy stays with us all day.  When does she ever get any time to eat or sleep?  She has a beautiful locket with our pictures in it. Daddy gave it to her as a birth-day present.

Daddy and Roland

We don’t know how long we will need to stay at the hospital. The doctors told Mommy and Daddy that they should expect to see us make some progress, slip back and then make progress again. This will probably happen over and over until we’re ready to go home.  I think Mommy and Daddy are both worried but we’re strong! When Mommy gets upset, we try to remind her that we’re going to be just fine. We only need time to grow up a little bit.

Grandma Kyles came to visit us on our second day but we don’t have those pictures yet. Nana Crowell visited us today and was nervous about holding us at first because we’re so little. Mommy told her not to worry, because we are sturdier than we look. We liked having Nana and Grandma hold us and talk to us!

Nana & Roland

Mommy went home from the hospital yesterday so she could get some sleep.  She promises she’ll come back every day to feed and hold us.  We really want go home and see Apollo and Ping-Pong.  We heard them barking before we were born.  They must be fun to play with, don’t you think?


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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  1. Alev says:

    Love love love your new family… Cannot wait to see you and the little guys 🙂

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