They’d better get that nursery finished!

Arthur: We’re getting close to being 3 weeks old and we got some good news today. If things continue to go well, we might get to come home soon! We don’t know exactly how long it might take, but it will probably be less than a week from now.

Roland: We have just a couple of goals left to acheive, but the big one is to get rid of those crummy nasogastric tubes. We hate those things and we’re constantly ripping them right out!

Arthur: Last night we both ripped ours out, so the nurses decided to just leave them out to see if we were strong enough to get all of our food by mouth. So far we’re doing pretty well. Sometimes it’s really, really hard to stay awake long enough to eat everything they say we need to eat, but we’re trying real hard!

Look Ma! No nose tubes!

Roland: We thought it would be fun to look at pictures from the day we were born and pictures from today, our first day without the nose tube. Wow, we are even more handsome now than we were before. Who’d’ve thought it was possible?

Here we are on the day we were born. Man, they sure had us hooked up to a lot of stuff!

Arthur: We’re both gaining weight at a steady rate. Today I hit the 5 pound mark! Roland is 4 pounds, 7 ounces, so he still has some catching up to do.

Roland: I’m smaller than you now, Arthur, but just wait! Pretty soon I’ll be big enough to whup you!

Arthur: You just come over here and try it!

Mommy: All right you two. No rough-housing in the NICU!


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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One Response to They’d better get that nursery finished!

  1. Marcia Pleasant says:

    Jenny/Chip I am so excited to see all the progress your little guys are making. I missed view the site last week and am just so tickled to see them growing so. They are too cute and I know you cannot wait to get them home in their own bed in their own room!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

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