Babywearing Mama

Our 10 week portrait

Arthur: We’re a little over 10 weeks old now and we can see a lot more than we could before.

Roland: Yep, we can actually focus on things now. It’s very exciting to really be able to look at Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Grandma and other people too.

Arthur:Mommy has been practicing her “carries” with us. Mommy is what people call a babywearing mama. She has a Moby, a stretch pod, a conversion wrap sling, and a mei tai so far. She says she is going to get even more kinds!

Mommy's Moby


The stretch-wrap thingies

Roland: Riding in them is really nice, especially for me. I always fall asleep and feel so cozy!

Arthur: Lately she’s been working on the back carry with the mei tai. We don’t really like her experimenting on us while she’s learning and Roland (the big crybaby!) makes a lot of noise when she’s trying to get him in there.
Roland: Well she is throwing me up on her back and she’s clumsy and I don’t like it!

Arthur: Don’t worry Roland. She’ll get better at it.

Roland: A couple of weeks ago we had some visitors.

cousin Susan and Aunt Ruth

Aunt Susan, Aunt Ruth and our big brother Forrest were here visiting. They all got to hold us. We always like being held.

Big brother loves us!

Arthur: Everyone took pictures. I don’t know why people are always pointing those camera things at us and making bright light go into our eyes. It makes us very cranky.

it was so hot! This nice lady was holding me, Roland

Roland: Last weekend we were very busy. We went to a picnic just for families with twins, just like us!

Arthur: It was fun, but it was sure hot!

Roland: We also went to a restaurant called Bavarian Brathaus. We decided we would rather sleep than eat bratwurst or pig’s knuckles.

At the Brathaus. No pig knuckles for us. 😦

Arthur:Mommy said that it’s just as well.

Roland: By the way, we’ve been trying to help Mommy and Daddy a little bit by sleeping sometimes for four whole hours at night. They seem glad but still want more from us.

Arthur: Seriously, what do they expect? Mommies and Daddies don’t get to sleep all night. They should know that by now.

Cousin Avery and Cousin Tucker like to hold us too.

Roland: Mommy has also been having people come over to the house to hold us during the day. We like it! We always like to be held. Nana comes over on Mondays, Aunt Kari comes over on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Grandma and nice ladies from church come on other days.

Arthur: Mommy seems less stressed out now that people are coming to help. She looked pretty bad before!

Roland: Hey, this weekend we are going to go to our first Fourth of July celebration. Our town does it on the 3rd of July, which seems confusing, but what do we know?

Arthur: We are going to listen to music and see something called fireworks. Mommy says it’s really loud but fun to look at. She says it is a lot of lights up in the sky. I wonder if we can see stuff so high up in the sky.

Mommy & Daddy + us = love

Roland: We’ll tell Mommy to put pictures on our blog after the celebration. Until then!


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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