Freezer Food Friday July 15, 2001


I have such limited time for things like cooking now that I have twins. We were living on mostly take-out food for a while and it was pretty crappy. High sodium, super high fat, few veggies, and just generally poor quality food.

I am determined to get us back into “real food”. I used to plan out menus every week, using meat and food on sale at the supermarket. I’m working on my menus again, with an eye toward make-ahead and slow cooker meals.

I’m on the hunt for casseroles that:

1. Can be made up, frozen, and then cooked from a frozen state
2. Are not pasta or rice-based
3. Don’t use cream-of-soup of any type nor pre-packaged stuff, as these are almost always full of stuff we don’t want in our food

I think that’s a pretty tall order, but feel confident I can come up with some if I do enough digging.

Do you have any ideas for these sorts of casseroles?

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4 Responses to Freezer Food Friday July 15, 2001

  1. Melissa says:

    Let me know what you find.. As a side note though.. I am not sure if you have Trader Joes near you but they have a ton of all natural/organic food much more reasonably priced than whole foods or usually the grocery store and alot of great frozen meals that you heat up..

  2. Tracy Comer says:

    Wow Jenny it sounds like you and I must be cut out of a similar mold. Sorry I don’t have recipes, though…I don’t do a lot of cooking, I eat a lot of raw (salad, salad, salad) and just basic plain sauteed or roasted veggies, and usually have cooked eggs for breakfast in some form. I would have NO idea what to feed the little guys that they would eat that would also be healthy (one reason I shied away from having kids!). Maybe just cooked/frozen squash, peas, or other veggies, vs. making into a casserole?? But that doesn’t give you a main dish. Grilled chicken cut into strips freezes well and is easy to heat up to add to salads and maybe could be cut small/fine enough to feed some to the boys?
    Good luck withstanding the peer pressure of things like McDonald’s and loads of candy/junk food as they get older!!!!! Stay strong!!!
    I really enjoy the blog posts, by the way. I’m going to be coming to town end of August for a quick visit and hoping I will have a chance to finally meet the twins after reading so much about them!

    P.S. I’ve been reading a lot lately about the problems with wheat as grown in the U.S. (highly engineered, though not GMO like corn and soy, but linked to allergies and problems like IBS nonetheless) and personally am making the choice to stay wheat-free (not same as gluten free). But that would be a huge challenge if raising children….we are such a sandwich culture!!!!! I don’t eat much bread so no biggie for me but I may try rye for toast, and oatmeal vs. wheat-based cereals for breakfast on occasion. I have a feeling you and I could talk a long time about food!!!!

  3. Shelley Hall says:

    Hi Jen I don’t use any recipes, just sort of throw things together and always freeze for later. With a baby now toddler it’s kind of grab whatever’s in the cupboard! You just need to find a good stock powder(s). You can brown any meat, add whatever veggies go well with it(good for sales) and then your stock- should be enough so all the contents are covered in the pot. If it’s chicken it will be done in 30mins. Other meat will depend on the quality. You can also add frozen mixed veg once the meat is nearly done. If you don’t feel like casserole blend it up and you’ve got a great soup! Hope this makes sense! Otherwise sites like are always useful. You can subscribe and they’ll send you a new one daily. Good luck!

  4. Jenni Field says:

    For super fast meals, I keep a ton of cooked rice in the fridge and lots of different frozen veggies and veggie mixes (no sauce–just veggies). Then, it’s quick stir fry time. Stir fry the veggies w/some soy sauce or teriyaki sauce and/or some oj then add the rice. Sometimes 1-2 chopped scrambled or fried eggs, and you can always start by stir frying chunks of meat before you do the veggies. The whole thing takes maybe 10-15 minutes from start to in-your-mouth. 🙂

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