Our Big Weekend


Arthur: We had a big week last week! On Wednesday Mommy took us to the place she used to work before we were born. The people were really nice and said nice things about us. Aunt Kari went with us and Mommy says she definitely couldn’t have done it without her help. We don’t understand why not. Aren’t we always easy to deal with?

Roland: Am I grinning or getting ready to scream? I'll let you decide...

Roland: Thursday, Mommy took us to a restaurant called Thaiphoon, and they have something call Thai food there. Mommy says it is spicy and delicious but she wouldn’t give any of it to us. She says we still have to wait a little while. We met our friends Amy and Nathan there and met new friends named Jennifer and Colin. After that, Mommy wanted to go to a store to find something called a “damn swimsuit”. We don’t know what that is, but it seems to cause an awful lot of stress for Mommy! We got sort of cranky and Mommy didn’t find one, so we came home.

Arthur: On Friday morning Mommy took us for a walk at Lake Benson with a new friend named Michelle plus her little girl. We went all around the park.

Roland: Lots of people stopped to talk to us, which was fun. They say we are really cute!

Daddy is getting snuggle time plus extra Sunday morning sleepies with me, Arthur.

Arthur: It was a really pretty day and not too hot. There were a lot of people at the park and a lot of kids at the playground.

Roland: Mommy says that soon we’ll be big enough to play there too. Yay! Grandma came over and helped hold us in the afternoon. Our friend Brad also came over and held both of us at once!

Arthur: On Saturday Mommy and Daddy took us to the shopping mall for the first time. It was a big place with a lot of bright lights, lots of people, and a lot of noise. We didn’t really like it too much and wanted to go home.

Roland: Mommy was looking for that damnswimsuit again but she tried to hurry. Daddy pushed us all around in the stroller and tried to keep us happy.

Arthur: When we got home we were really cranky for the whole rest of the day.

Roland: Daddy didn’t know we could cry so much for so long! They tried everything but we just didn’t feel good.

We're going to the mall and we're both smiling about it!

Arthur: We had a good sleep, so Sunday morning Mommy and Daddy took us to a cool restaurant for breakfast and then we went to the store to buy a couple of things. We weren’t out for a long time, but after our big weekend this was just too much.

Roland: Yep, we had another hard afternoon and evening. Poor Mommy and Daddy! We don’t want to make them crazy but even we don’t really know why we don’t feel good or what would make us feel better.

Arthur: I have some exciting news though. Even though I had a hard weekend during the day, I had two super good nights in a row! For the first time ever, I slept for seven or eight hours without waking up. I did this two nights in a row and Mommy and Daddy are so excited. I don’t know if I want to keep doing that but they hope I will.

Our friend Brad love to visit and hold us!

Roland: Gosh Arthur, just brag about it, won’t you? Well, even though I didn’t sleep as long as Arthur, I did sleep a lot more than I usually do. Last night I only woke up one time. Plus, I am starting to smile for real! I don’t smile as much as Arthur does, but I do it a little more every day.

Arthur: Mommy is hoping that we’ll have a really good day today. Nana is coming over and Mommy says she’s going to go have her toenails painted. Why would she want that? We don’t know but we like spending time with Nana so who cares?


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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