Mini Vacation

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Arthur: We had our first vacation this past weekend with Nana, Aunt Sharon, Connor, and Patrick & Andrew. Patrick & Andrew are twins like us!

We're snug as bugs in a rug on the hotel bed.

Roland: They’re four years old. This was the first time we met Aunt Sharon and our cousins.

Arthur: They all wanted to take turns holding us. Andrew said that I was his baby and that Roland was Patrick’s baby.

Roland: They are crazy! We can’t wait until we’re big enough to run around like they do.

Arthur: We stayed in a hotel for the first time. The bed was really big and comfy and we got to sleep in it all night long with Mommy.

We're in the pool with Nana and Mommy. It was awesome.

Roland: We also swam in a pool. That was really neat. Mommy got a water sling to carry us in the pool. The water was nice and warm and it felt really good to float around in it.

Arthur: Nana brought a big pirate puppet for the older boys to play with, but I liked it a lot! I played with it for a long time.

I loved that pirate. He was so much fun to play with.

Roland:We also went to a place called Jumpin’ Jax where the big boys got to run and play until they were too tired to play any more. We mostly slept there. It was loud!

Mommy wore us when we went to breakfast.

Arthur:Mommy carried both of us on her when we went to breakfast. It was nice to be so close to her and she said she liked it because she still had her hands free to eat.

Roland: A lot of people looked at us and were really curious about Mommy wearing both of us. What is so strange about that? Mommy doesn’t mind talking to people though, so she didn’t care.

Ha ha Roland pooped on the bed!

Arthur:Roland did something really funny at the hotel.

Roland: Did not!

Arthur: Did so! He pooped on the bed! Ha ha ha ha!

Roland: So what? Anyway, it’s not like I meant too. Mommy said she was mord-ih-fyed, whatever that means.

Arthur: When we got back to our house, we did a picture with all of us. It was a tiring weekend but it was fun!

All of us together. Mommy, Connor, Aunt Sharon, Patrick, Daddy, Arthur, Nana, Roland, and Andrew


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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