Food Friday

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I made a Chip-friendly from-scratch meal the other night, not realizing how involved this “simple” home cooked meal would be. Fortunately, there were a lot of things I could do little by little during the day as time allowed, and… wait for it… Roland slept from about 5:30 pm to 9:00pm, allowing me to cook, serve and eat dinner uninterrupted! Arthur had periods of awake and asleep during that time but he is not quite as, um, demanding as Roland is.

Chip-friendly meal:

Yeh, mine was just about as pretty as this, but picture it in a cheapo foil loaf pan thing

-Simple meatloaf
-real mashed potatoes
-fried squash and onions
-yeast rolls (the kind you actually have to start 5 hours in advance so they can rise)

I did figure out how to search for my no rice/no pasta casseroles. It occurred to me that what I’d be looking for would fall into the category of low carb. I Googled that term and lo and behold! Some of the results are pretty high in fat, but I think I could modify them to make them a bit healthier.

I believe I will break down and do a spaghetti casserole tonight though. Poor chip has to endure enough of my exotic or experimental ingredient meals to warrant a couple of nights of good ol’ carb-heavy food.

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5 Responses to Food Friday

  1. Sharon McClure says:

    I saw that picture of the meatloaf before I scrolled down to see the caption and thought “WOW! That’s beautiful!! I’m so impressed!”.
    Then I saw the caption. LOL! But I’m sure yours was just as beautiful.
    So was Roland up all night after his super long cat nap?


    • Mrs. Jenny K says:

      Naw, Roland was ok. I was really worried but apparently he really did just need to sleep! And, um, yeh, my meatloaf looked just like that. Yeh, That’s the ticket!

  2. Jenni Field says:

    Lovely meal:) Low carb is an alien concept to me, but I find that cauliflower works nicely in casseroles, and pureed with a little broth, it makes a good sub for cream sauce to help lighten up usually cheesy/heavy sauces. 🙂

    • Mrs. Jenny K says:

      I don’t really do low carb… I try sometimes but then the pasta lets loose its siren song from the pantry and it’s all over for me! What I’m trying to do is reduce the amount of rice, pasta, rolls and potatoes we eat. DH is used to having those things as a major part of his meals. I’m not. Id be happy to eat a lot more tabouli, barley, etc. We’re trying to find compromise. 🙂

      The cauliflower trick is one I use for myself all the time. It works as a good substitute for mashed potatoes, rice, etc. I’d not thought of using it as the base for casseroles and sauces. Great ideas!

  3. Nana says:

    Glad you had a day when you could actually cook a meal.. bet Chip loved your efforts. The up side is you will move more toward those days.. they will be spotty at first, but you will have more good days as time goes on… that is until they are 13!

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