Four Months Old

Daddy with the boys, Roland on left, Arthur on right

From Mommy: The boys had their 4 month checkup this week and they’re doing fine. In the stats, I list where they are on the growth chart for both their chronological and adjusted age. Chronological is how they compare to other four-month-old babies. Adjusted is how they compare to other babies who are about 2.5 months old (which is how old they would be if they’d been born on time).

Roland’s stats:
Weight – 10lb 7oz — .38% chronological — 10% adjusted
Height – 22.75 in — 1% chronological — 25% adjusted
Head Circumference – 15 in — .33% chronological — 6% adjusted

Arthur’s stats:
Weight – 11lb 9oz — 3% chronological — 26% adjusted
Height – 23.25 in — 4% chronological — 48% adjusted
Head Circumference – 15.25 in — 1% chronological — 11% adjusted


Sleeping Beauties? Arthur, Roland

Arthur: We are still really little, even for our adjusted age, but Mommy says we are perfect tiny little babies.

Roland: The doctor said that our weight gain is fine and we are developing well.

Arthur: I can find my hand easily now and am trying to learn to control my own movement so I can touch toys and things.

Roland: I don’t really understand how to move my arms, but they move around a lot anyway! Sometimes they hit things that make noise and I like that.

There are a lot of toys on this for us to play with

Arthur: Smiling is fun! So is making noise with out mouths. Mommy and Daddy make really funny faces at us and that makes us smile and talk.

Roland: We love our jungle gym mat. There is so much cool stuff to look at and touch. A lot of the stuff makes noise. Sometimes it sort of surprises me when the things make noise.

Arthur: Mommy and Daddy took us outside and we got to lie on a blanket on the grass! There was a lot to look at outside.

Roland: When we went to the doctor we had to get shots. We hate that! It hurts and then we feel bad for the whole day. Mommy says it makes us cranky.

Arthur: Yeh, how come they do that to us every time we go? I don’t think I want to go there any more.

Roland: Mommy has been adding up how much milk we get in bottles and she says that we are now getting only 25% of our food from formula. We nurse all the time now.

Mommy didn't pose us like this, we just like sleeping this way

Arthur:It took us an awfully long time to learn but we were so little! It was hard! Now it’s easy and we like it. We don’t even have to wait for a bottle to heat up or anything. Mama’s milk is always ready to go!

Roland: We tried sleeping all night but decided that it’s overrated. We think it’s much better to wake up at about 3:30 a.m. every morning. As long as we get to nurse we stay quiet and go back to sleep though.

Arthur: Mom promised us that when the weather cools down we will go for more walks. Yay! There is so much neat stuff to look at outside. We can’t wait!

Roland: Daddy says he’ll believe it when he sees it. Sees what?

Arthur: The doctor said I turn my head the same way all the time and that Mommy and Daddy should help me turn it the other way. She says I need to do something called tummy time:

Tummy Time

But I HATE tummy time!

Tummy time is over!

What I do like to do is suck my thumb.


Roland: Ha ha Arthur! You look like you’re eating your hand!

Arthur: Don’t be jealous Roland. You’ll learn to do it soon. Good night!


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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