Eight Months Brings Big Changes

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Good Morning Boys!

Arthur: We’re really mad at Mommy.

Roland: Yeh. We begged her to help us write our 7 month update and she just kept ‘crasti-nayton.

Arthur: But we have learned to do a LOT of stuff now that we are 8 months old! We’re practically grown up!

This was my (Arthur) first time sitting up by myself!

Roland: Hey Arthur, that’s going a little far, don’t ya think? We can still barely sit up.

Arthur: Ok, ok, but we sure are having fun learning new stuff.

Roland: Where to begin?

Arthur:  Last month we went to a ‘velopmental sessment

Mommy: That’s a developmental assessment Honey.

Arthur: Yeh, that. The doctor made us do all sorts of things and asked Mommy and Daddy a lot of questions. They played with us and talked to us. It was pretty fun.

Our first time in a grocery cart

Roland: They said we are doing things most 6 month olds can do, and that is OK because that is right for our adjusted age.

Arthur: The physical therapist said Mommy and Daddy should do some special exercises with me for a few things, but it was nothing serious. I still like to turn my head one way, so they keep trying to make me turn it the other way. I hate it! Why can’t I just look over my right shoulder all the time?

Roland: We are also still pretty small but no one seems concerned about it. I guess we are just little babies.

I love my exersaucer

Arthur: One of my favorite things to do is to lie on my stomach, prop up my arms and spin around. When I do this, I slide around on the floor backwards but I can’t control where I’m going. That makes me mad. I keep wanting to get to things in front of me but I can’t! Sometimes I scream, I’m so mad about it!

Roland: Arthur looked like he was having so much fun doing it that I decided to try it too. Mommy laughs because sometimes she’ll walk into the living room and we will be all the way on the other side of the room, or halfway under the couch. I hope soon we can move places we want to go and not just by accident!

Roland fell fast asleep. Jumping is hard work!

Arthur: This week I decided to try something even more new. I am trying really hard to pull my knees up under my belly. Mommy says this means I might learn to crawl. I don’t know what crawling is, but it sounds like fun.

Roland: Maybe someday I’ll learn to do that crawling thing too. I try so hard to get toys that are right in front of me but just a little too far away. I reach and reach but can’t quite get to them. Sometimes Mommy helps me but sometimes she keeps making me try. I want Mommy to help every time but she says it’s good for me to try.

Steak - yum!

Arthur: We like to play games too. Mommy moves our arms around and says pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake. That is a fun one. I think I’m supposed to do something too, but I’m not sure what. Sometimes she also covers her face and then uncovers it and says, “boo!” It sort of scares me but sometimes it is funny too.

Roland: We play on the floor too. Mommy and Daddy sit with us on the floor and that is the most fun! They talk to us and help us play with toys.

Arthur: And speaking of toys, we have two new most favorite toys in the whole world. One is called an exersaucer, and we can sit in it and spin around. There are toys on it that are a lot of fun to play with.

I love broccoli

Roland: We also have a jumpy thing that hangs in the doorway. This is my favorite toy of all. I can jump and jump and jump and it is so fun! It is a lot of work though, and sometimes I get so tired that I just fall asleep right there.

Arthur: We are both trying to learn how to sit up. I can do it better than Roland (ha ha Roland!). If Mommy or Daddy helps me get up, I can sometimes sit alone for a while. I am learning to balance myself, but I still tip over a lot. It makes me really, really, really mad when I tip over onto the wood floor.

Our room

Roland: I’m trying to learn Arthur! I don’t know what the big deal is anyway. Why should I bother to sit up if I can play when I’m on my tummy?

Arthur: Because it makes it easier to sit in the grocery cart and the high chair and stuff.

Roland: Speaking of high chairs…

Arthur: Ooh! We are eating real food now and not just milk! Mommy said she is doing something called baby led weaning, so we didn’t have to do any of that gross puree stuff. She just put us in the high chair and put food in front of us.

Arthur's side of the room

Roland: It is so much fun trying to pick things up and put them in our mouths. We have been doing it for a couple of weeks and we are just starting to learn to swallow the food. We like to smell it and feel it and taste it.

Arthur: We eat everything. We eat chicken and broccoli (one of our favorites!), and sweet potatoes and peanut butter and bananas and omelets and cheese and, and, and… I can’t even remember all the stuff we eat.

Roland: Mommy says I’m swallowing more stuff than Arthur (ha ha Arthur!) and she says she knows because she sees it on the other side. What does that mean?

Roland's side of the room

Arthur: The hardest thing is that we don’t have that pincer grasp thing, so it’s hard to pick stuff up. But when we do, we know right were to put it. Sometimes I make a funny face when I taste something new, but I haven’t found anything yet that I don’t like.

Roland: We love Mommy a lot. Sometimes we get nervous if someone else tries to hold us and we can’t see her.

Arthur: But we love Daddy soooooo much too! Every day when he comes home we are so excited! We kick our legs and laugh and laugh! We watch him walk around and squeal to ask him to pick us up.

Roland's first time in the crib

Roland: We love when our grandmas come over too. They hold us and play with us and give us lots of kisses.

Arthur: And even though we don’t really like strangers to hold us, we like it a lot when they smile and talk to us. When we go to the store with Mommy it seems like everyone wants to talk to us! We must be extra special.

Roland: Well, Mommy and Daddy say that something called Christmas is really soon. They put up a lot of pretty lights in the house and they have bright paper and bows and stuff all over the place. We got to go sit on this guy’s lap who had on a red suit and had white hair and a long, fluffy beard. Mommy says his name is Santa. He was really nice.

Arthur's first time in his crib

Arthur: I liked touching his beard. Mommy asked the elves to take pictures of us with Santa. She said she will post them later.

Roland: Also, Mommy and Daddy said we are going to get presents, plus our big brothers are going to come visit! We are so excited. We even have special clothes to wear to the Christmas Eve church service and on Christmas morning. Don’t worry, we will make mommy post all of the pictures of that.

Arthur: Mommy and Daddy finally have our room mostly finished. We still need a dresser and a bookshelf and a few things like that, but it looks really good. We’re sleeping in there now.

Roland: Yeh, but we’re not super happy about sleeping in the cribs, so Mommy has a mattress in there. We sleep part of the time in the crib and part of the time with Mommy. She says she is working on transitioning us.


About Arthur & Roland

We are the Kyles Twins and this is our blog. Our parents are old. We plan to use this blog to share our experiences breaking them in to the joys of parenting twins. Boy are they in for a ride!
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