Learning New Things

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Arthur: We’re both doing some new and exciting things!

Roland: Yep, the world is looking and feeling really different all of a sudden.


What is this thing? It's yummy!

Arthur: I found something really cool that I can put into my mouth any time I want. Mommy says it’s called a hand and she says it’s all mine! I can use it any time I want. I like that.

Roland: How come I don’t have one? I want one too!

Arthur: Don’t worry Roland. Mommy says you have one too and you just haven’t found it yet.

Roland: Ok, but I don’t want to wait. But guess what I can do? I can sit in my bouncy chair for 20 minutes watching the lights and singing.


Look at all the stuff we can bump

Arthur: Ha! I was already doing that. We both also like hanging out under this thing that has all kinds of stuff hanging from it. Sometimes we bump the things and they move and make noise. It’s very exciting!

Roland: We’ve decided to let Mommy and Daddy see us smile more. Sometimes we even smile really big. We also like to turn our heads when we see something interesting go by. Before, we only looked at things when they were right in front of us.

Arthur: We’re growing and growing and even though it’s fun to learn all of these new things, sometimes it’s a little too much and then we cry a lot. Daddy thinks Mommy should keep the lights lower.


Is this too big for me?

Roland: Mommy bought us a new fun outfit for us to wear when it gets cold. Daddy said it looked way too big for us. Mommy said that it should fit once it gets cold. Mommy put the jacket on me and then laughed and laughed. What’s so funny? Also, Daddy said he doesn’t like the idea that we’re Clemson fans now. Mommy didn’t know what that meant. It is something about the color I think.

Arthur: We’re going to the doctor next week to see how much we’ve grown. I’ll bet we’re both going to weigh like 50 pounds!

Roland: Ha ha Arthur. I don’t think we’re that big, but we’ll see!

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The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

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(Don’t worry – more pics of the boys coming in a day or two!)

I’ve been doing the Four Pounds of Cheese project (#FourPounds) started by the lovely Jenni Field and it has gone much better than I expected. The goal was to document all wasted food in the household for a week. Truly, I’m shocked at how little I’ve wasted. Maybe this just happened to be a slow week for dumping moldy shit from the back of the fridge. In fact, I think I’d done a frenzied emptying project a week or so before.

I don’t compost. I know, it’s shameful, but I’ve never really understood how to do it right and don’t know where I would put it. Besides, I have infant twins and don’t have the time (This is my stock excuse for everything). Apparently though, composting food doesn’t count as food not wasted. If it’s food that could have been consumed by a human and wasn’t, it’s wasted.

Enjoy my leftovers!

Monday lunch: This was the remnants of a meal I’d made three or four days before. I ate all of it except for a bit of the squash/zucchini and one floret from the cauliflower. I try not to have clean-your-plate syndrome because it’s bad for my butt. But could I have saved this? It was already going on four days old. How would I have used it? Suggestions?

Monday dinner: I just got full before I finished. I do have eyes much bigger than my stomach but I will say in my defense that this is a salad plate, not a dinner plate, so there wasn’t a lot to begin with and, thus, not much wasted. Veggies from a steam-and-microwave bag (bleh), cubed steak and barley. We had a salad too and I ate all of that. Again, what would I do with the leftovers of this?

Tuesday: No food items tossed!

Wednesday: Onion peelings, a cherry tomato gone off, and half a can of garbanzo beans on which my yogurt sauce curdled. I wasn’t sure whether to include the onion peelings. Do those count? I was making a garbanzo bean thing with garam masala and a lovely coating of yogurt. The yogurt curdled or cooked or something and made a disgusting mess. I tried rinsing it off in the strainer but the curds were all stuck to the beans and wouldn’t fit through the strainer anyway. It was gross. I suppose I could have rinsed off each bean individually so as not to waste it, but fuck it. Both babies were crying and I just needed to get dinner done!

Thursday: Ok, this was a bad, bad day. I ruined all of dinner and threw most of it away. I cooked a london broil in the slow cooker. I use my slow cooker a LOT, and I know how to use it. The vast majority of the time the results are really good. But something went wrong and I pulled a dried out piece of crap from the cooker.

I was going to throw it away but decided to try to revive it in something saucy next week. I also tried to make squash pancakes. Another fail. I’ve never been very good at making pancakes in general. All of them came away burnt AND soggy. I think part of the problem was that I had too much batter and not enough squash. The taste wasn’t horrible but the consistency was all wrong and the babies were so miserable that I was carrying them both around while I cried and tried to figure out an alternative dinner plan. Oh, it was bad.
So I ended up throwing away a large zucchini, two small squash, a cup of flour and a couple of cups of milk.

Friday: No food wasted!

Saturday: Hubs went to Hardees to get us each a sausage biscuit for breakfast. I only ate half of the biscuit but didn’t even think to photograph what I tossed because I never eat all of it. This is a perfect example of how casually we tend to waste food.

For dinner We used the london broil I destroyed on Thursday to make burritos. I chopped up the meat into little pieces and then simmered them a while in some tomato soup concentrate, beef broth, and taco seasoning. I don’t think this was authentic or ideal but it used stuff I happened to have around, LOL! We didn’t finish all of it so I put the rest into a container, labeled it, and put it into the freezer. A lot of my waste comes from having leftovers in the fridge that I never get to, or putting stuff in the freezer thinking I’ll remember what it is. I don’t, and then it sits in the freezer until I’m sure it’s frostbitten and no good.

Sunday: Today was clean out the fridge day. I saved some stuff I might have otherwise dumped. I still threw away about 1/3 of a cup of spaghetti sauce. I’m not fond of tomato-based sauces. I used some of it for my dinner but there wasn’t enough left to make another meal. I couldn’t think of what to do with it and I was tired of looking at it so out it went.

The other stuff that got tossed was cheese. Now, I love cheese. Love, love, love. I love cheese so much that I sometimes can’t bear to part with it even when I should. The endy parts are Parmesan rinds. I only buy aged, D.O.P Parmigiano-Reggiano and can’t stand to waste a shred of it. I keep reading that I can save the rinds to use in soups or something but I almost never make soup. I decided it was time to let these moldy bits go.

There is a bit of feta in there that I was sure I would use and didn’t. Then I forgot about it. ugh.

The last item of shame is an unopened slice of Uniekaas Reserve Gouda. I used to be addicted to this stuff. I’d just cut off hunks and snack on it. As you can see from the close-up picture, it had a sell-by date of October 2010. um, yeh. My excuse is that I bought it at the beginning of my pregnancy and didn’t realize that I would develop a strong aversion to almost every type of cheese during my period of gestation (before this I seriously had a $15-20 per week cheese habit – I like expensive cheese). I kept it around thinking I’d feel up to eating it soon…soon…soon. I didn’t. I’m sure I’d love it again now, but this one had to go.

All in all I’m pleased with my low level of waste this week.
Don’t get me wrong, there have been weeks when it’s been really, really bad. I’ve thrown out pounds of spoiled meat, drawerfuls of rotten vegetables, and shelves full of moldy leftovers. Since I’ve been home full time that has decreased significantly. Now that I have the twins I don’t have time to shop much (do you have ANY idea what an ordeal it is to leave the house with two babies?), so I avoid the “ooooh wouldn’t that be good in a [fictitious] recipe!”
Plus, being at home gives me more of an opportunity to cook real meals. Instead of coming home at 5:30 or 6:00 pm and looking through the fridge in a panic, I can check the freezer and cupboards in the morning and do little bits of prep work and cooking during the day. Who knew I’d cook MORE with infant twins than I did before!

Thanks for encouraging us in this project Jenni!

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Wordless Wednesday (except for captions)

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My name is Roland and I'm an angry baby!

I'm Arthur and I'm ready for church!

I'm Roland and I'm more readier for church!

Mommy makes me giggle --Roland

I'm practicing yoga and meditation --Arthur

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Food Friday

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I made a Chip-friendly from-scratch meal the other night, not realizing how involved this “simple” home cooked meal would be. Fortunately, there were a lot of things I could do little by little during the day as time allowed, and… wait for it… Roland slept from about 5:30 pm to 9:00pm, allowing me to cook, serve and eat dinner uninterrupted! Arthur had periods of awake and asleep during that time but he is not quite as, um, demanding as Roland is.

Chip-friendly meal:

Yeh, mine was just about as pretty as this, but picture it in a cheapo foil loaf pan thing

-Simple meatloaf
-real mashed potatoes
-fried squash and onions
-yeast rolls (the kind you actually have to start 5 hours in advance so they can rise)

I did figure out how to search for my no rice/no pasta casseroles. It occurred to me that what I’d be looking for would fall into the category of low carb. I Googled that term and lo and behold! Some of the results are pretty high in fat, but I think I could modify them to make them a bit healthier.

I believe I will break down and do a spaghetti casserole tonight though. Poor chip has to endure enough of my exotic or experimental ingredient meals to warrant a couple of nights of good ol’ carb-heavy food.

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Mini Vacation

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Arthur: We had our first vacation this past weekend with Nana, Aunt Sharon, Connor, and Patrick & Andrew. Patrick & Andrew are twins like us!

We're snug as bugs in a rug on the hotel bed.

Roland: They’re four years old. This was the first time we met Aunt Sharon and our cousins.

Arthur: They all wanted to take turns holding us. Andrew said that I was his baby and that Roland was Patrick’s baby.

Roland: They are crazy! We can’t wait until we’re big enough to run around like they do.

Arthur: We stayed in a hotel for the first time. The bed was really big and comfy and we got to sleep in it all night long with Mommy.

We're in the pool with Nana and Mommy. It was awesome.

Roland: We also swam in a pool. That was really neat. Mommy got a water sling to carry us in the pool. The water was nice and warm and it felt really good to float around in it.

Arthur: Nana brought a big pirate puppet for the older boys to play with, but I liked it a lot! I played with it for a long time.

I loved that pirate. He was so much fun to play with.

Roland:We also went to a place called Jumpin’ Jax where the big boys got to run and play until they were too tired to play any more. We mostly slept there. It was loud!

Mommy wore us when we went to breakfast.

Arthur:Mommy carried both of us on her when we went to breakfast. It was nice to be so close to her and she said she liked it because she still had her hands free to eat.

Roland: A lot of people looked at us and were really curious about Mommy wearing both of us. What is so strange about that? Mommy doesn’t mind talking to people though, so she didn’t care.

Ha ha Roland pooped on the bed!

Arthur:Roland did something really funny at the hotel.

Roland: Did not!

Arthur: Did so! He pooped on the bed! Ha ha ha ha!

Roland: So what? Anyway, it’s not like I meant too. Mommy said she was mord-ih-fyed, whatever that means.

Arthur: When we got back to our house, we did a picture with all of us. It was a tiring weekend but it was fun!

All of us together. Mommy, Connor, Aunt Sharon, Patrick, Daddy, Arthur, Nana, Roland, and Andrew

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It’s official: We’re three months old!

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Arthur: We turned three months old on July 19, 2011. We’re doing lots more than we used to, including sleeping for a long time at night. It’s Thankful Thursday and Mommy says she is very thankful to have four wonderful, healthy sons.

Roland: Mommy took some video of us yesterday to show you how we can smile now!

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Our Big Weekend


Arthur: We had a big week last week! On Wednesday Mommy took us to the place she used to work before we were born. The people were really nice and said nice things about us. Aunt Kari went with us and Mommy says she definitely couldn’t have done it without her help. We don’t understand why not. Aren’t we always easy to deal with?

Roland: Am I grinning or getting ready to scream? I'll let you decide...

Roland: Thursday, Mommy took us to a restaurant called Thaiphoon, and they have something call Thai food there. Mommy says it is spicy and delicious but she wouldn’t give any of it to us. She says we still have to wait a little while. We met our friends Amy and Nathan there and met new friends named Jennifer and Colin. After that, Mommy wanted to go to a store to find something called a “damn swimsuit”. We don’t know what that is, but it seems to cause an awful lot of stress for Mommy! We got sort of cranky and Mommy didn’t find one, so we came home.

Arthur: On Friday morning Mommy took us for a walk at Lake Benson with a new friend named Michelle plus her little girl. We went all around the park.

Roland: Lots of people stopped to talk to us, which was fun. They say we are really cute!

Daddy is getting snuggle time plus extra Sunday morning sleepies with me, Arthur.

Arthur: It was a really pretty day and not too hot. There were a lot of people at the park and a lot of kids at the playground.

Roland: Mommy says that soon we’ll be big enough to play there too. Yay! Grandma came over and helped hold us in the afternoon. Our friend Brad also came over and held both of us at once!

Arthur: On Saturday Mommy and Daddy took us to the shopping mall for the first time. It was a big place with a lot of bright lights, lots of people, and a lot of noise. We didn’t really like it too much and wanted to go home.

Roland: Mommy was looking for that damnswimsuit again but she tried to hurry. Daddy pushed us all around in the stroller and tried to keep us happy.

Arthur: When we got home we were really cranky for the whole rest of the day.

Roland: Daddy didn’t know we could cry so much for so long! They tried everything but we just didn’t feel good.

We're going to the mall and we're both smiling about it!

Arthur: We had a good sleep, so Sunday morning Mommy and Daddy took us to a cool restaurant for breakfast and then we went to the store to buy a couple of things. We weren’t out for a long time, but after our big weekend this was just too much.

Roland: Yep, we had another hard afternoon and evening. Poor Mommy and Daddy! We don’t want to make them crazy but even we don’t really know why we don’t feel good or what would make us feel better.

Arthur: I have some exciting news though. Even though I had a hard weekend during the day, I had two super good nights in a row! For the first time ever, I slept for seven or eight hours without waking up. I did this two nights in a row and Mommy and Daddy are so excited. I don’t know if I want to keep doing that but they hope I will.

Our friend Brad love to visit and hold us!

Roland: Gosh Arthur, just brag about it, won’t you? Well, even though I didn’t sleep as long as Arthur, I did sleep a lot more than I usually do. Last night I only woke up one time. Plus, I am starting to smile for real! I don’t smile as much as Arthur does, but I do it a little more every day.

Arthur: Mommy is hoping that we’ll have a really good day today. Nana is coming over and Mommy says she’s going to go have her toenails painted. Why would she want that? We don’t know but we like spending time with Nana so who cares?

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