Freezer Food Friday July 15, 2001


I have such limited time for things like cooking now that I have twins. We were living on mostly take-out food for a while and it was pretty crappy. High sodium, super high fat, few veggies, and just generally poor quality food.

I am determined to get us back into “real food”. I used to plan out menus every week, using meat and food on sale at the supermarket. I’m working on my menus again, with an eye toward make-ahead and slow cooker meals.

I’m on the hunt for casseroles that:

1. Can be made up, frozen, and then cooked from a frozen state
2. Are not pasta or rice-based
3. Don’t use cream-of-soup of any type nor pre-packaged stuff, as these are almost always full of stuff we don’t want in our food

I think that’s a pretty tall order, but feel confident I can come up with some if I do enough digging.

Do you have any ideas for these sorts of casseroles?

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Mom’s Turn


This is Mommy. I’ve spent a lot of time typing what the boys dictate to me and I’ve decided it’s my turn to speak up! You’ll see posts from me as well as from the boys.

Sometimes ya just need an adult’s point of view. 😉

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Twelve Week Milestones

We are definitely the cutest twins ever, and we love each other too!

Arthur: We’re 12 weeks old today, as opposed to three months old, which we’ll be on the 19th of this month. I don’t understand the difference, but I guess it doesn’t matter much. I have reached a couple of milestones this week and Mommy and Daddy are so excited!
I have tears now. Mommy first noticed that my eyes were goopy and now they are goopy and water comes out of them. The doctor told her the goopiness comes from them not being quite finished yet.
Also, I have decided to start smiling for real now. I was smiling in my sleep and sort of teasing everyone with something like a little smile but now I’m grinning.
We went to the doctor a few days ago and I now weigh exactly 10 pounds. Whoo hoo! Roland weighs 8lb 12oz. He doesn’t have tears or smile much yet, but he usually does everything about a week after I do. Copycat!

Ahhh a nap in our swings

Roland: You sure are a talky one today Arthur! We went to the doctor because my tummy has been hurting a lot and it makes me cry all the time. The doctor gave Mommy some medicine for me to take. I hope it makes my tummy feel better and helps stop me from throwing up my food, because that’s really gross.
We’re both nursing really well now. I know, I know, it took a long time! But now we are stronger and understand how it’s supposed to work.

Arthur: I feel so peaceful in the swing!

Arthur: Mommy bought us another swing so we each have one. We have decided it’s our most favorite thing in the world other than Mommy and Daddy’s arms. We really like sleeping in them! Toodaloo for now.

Roland: I like my swing too, but not as much as Arthur does!

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Family Friday July 8, 2011

Chandler is holding me, Roland.

Arthur: We met our biggest brother for the first time this week!

Roland: Yep, Chandler came to see us and Forrest did too. They held us and talked to us a lot. It was really nice.

Arthur: We hope both will come for another visit really soon.

Roland: Grandma came over too and brought our cousins John and Rebekah. Rebekah really likes holding us but John isn’t so sure he wants to. Maybe he’ll want to play with us when we’re bigger.

Yay! Our big brothers are holding us!


Lots of family!

Grandma and Chandler

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First 4th of July

Our 4th of July outfits.

Arthur: We had a really big day out on our first 4th of July. We wore special outfits, were held by lots of different people and even watched the fireworks.


Roland: Well, let’s be honest Arthur. We didn’t exactly watch the fireworks. In fact, we slept through them.

Arthur: Ok, ok, that’s true. But we did have really cute Independence Day outfits! Aunt Kari got red shirts for us that said “I’m made in America” and we had neat shoes Mommy bought for us.

They parked about 500 cars!

Roland: Daddy’s church is right next to the place where they have the celebration and the fireworks, so we hung out there. The church people get money from people for parking their cars there, and then use the money to help a Lutheran camp.

Arthur: Yep, and our friends Pat & Paula made great food for everyone! We had hot dogs, chili, sourkraut, and lots of other stuff. Well, we didn’t exactly get to eat it, but Mommy did so we got to taste it a little from our milk.

Mommy holding us.

Roland: We were so tired when we finally got home. We slept a lot that night!

It was a long but fun day.

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Babywearing Mama

Our 10 week portrait

Arthur: We’re a little over 10 weeks old now and we can see a lot more than we could before.

Roland: Yep, we can actually focus on things now. It’s very exciting to really be able to look at Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Grandma and other people too.

Arthur:Mommy has been practicing her “carries” with us. Mommy is what people call a babywearing mama. She has a Moby, a stretch pod, a conversion wrap sling, and a mei tai so far. She says she is going to get even more kinds!

Mommy's Moby


The stretch-wrap thingies

Roland: Riding in them is really nice, especially for me. I always fall asleep and feel so cozy!

Arthur: Lately she’s been working on the back carry with the mei tai. We don’t really like her experimenting on us while she’s learning and Roland (the big crybaby!) makes a lot of noise when she’s trying to get him in there.
Roland: Well she is throwing me up on her back and she’s clumsy and I don’t like it!

Arthur: Don’t worry Roland. She’ll get better at it.

Roland: A couple of weeks ago we had some visitors.

cousin Susan and Aunt Ruth

Aunt Susan, Aunt Ruth and our big brother Forrest were here visiting. They all got to hold us. We always like being held.

Big brother loves us!

Arthur: Everyone took pictures. I don’t know why people are always pointing those camera things at us and making bright light go into our eyes. It makes us very cranky.

it was so hot! This nice lady was holding me, Roland

Roland: Last weekend we were very busy. We went to a picnic just for families with twins, just like us!

Arthur: It was fun, but it was sure hot!

Roland: We also went to a restaurant called Bavarian Brathaus. We decided we would rather sleep than eat bratwurst or pig’s knuckles.

At the Brathaus. No pig knuckles for us. 😦

Arthur:Mommy said that it’s just as well.

Roland: By the way, we’ve been trying to help Mommy and Daddy a little bit by sleeping sometimes for four whole hours at night. They seem glad but still want more from us.

Arthur: Seriously, what do they expect? Mommies and Daddies don’t get to sleep all night. They should know that by now.

Cousin Avery and Cousin Tucker like to hold us too.

Roland: Mommy has also been having people come over to the house to hold us during the day. We like it! We always like to be held. Nana comes over on Mondays, Aunt Kari comes over on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Grandma and nice ladies from church come on other days.

Arthur: Mommy seems less stressed out now that people are coming to help. She looked pretty bad before!

Roland: Hey, this weekend we are going to go to our first Fourth of July celebration. Our town does it on the 3rd of July, which seems confusing, but what do we know?

Arthur: We are going to listen to music and see something called fireworks. Mommy says it’s really loud but fun to look at. She says it is a lot of lights up in the sky. I wonder if we can see stuff so high up in the sky.

Mommy & Daddy + us = love

Roland: We’ll tell Mommy to put pictures on our blog after the celebration. Until then!

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We’re Two Months Old!

Roland: Wow, has it been two months already? We’re growing so much and so fast now. We’re trying really hard to catch up to other babies our age.

Arthur: We have all sorts of information about our weights, how our measurements compare to other babies and that sort of thing, but Mommy says she just doesn’t have the strength to type them all in tonight.

Roland: Yeh, and Daddy says he has to go to bed because he has court in the morning.

Arthur: What we can tell you is that I now weigh 8 lbs, 5 oz.

Roland: And I weigh 7 lbs, 10 oz. That’s a lot for both of us. We’ve both doubled our birth weight and the doctor says that’s really, really good.

Arthur: We had a great day with Daddy today. It’s Father’s Day so we dressed up in special outfits and gave him a card. He made breakfast for Mommy though. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

Roland: I’m not sure but I don’t think I like that idea. It probably means we have to make breakfast for them on our birthday!

Arthur: Ok, the rest of this post will just be pictures. Enjoy!

Daddy says he's going to take us for a real ride soon!

Three angry babies!

Look at the camera? Why? What's going on?

Hey! That doesn't have us in it. It's just Daddy with Apollo. No fair.

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